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Women of Joy - Immeasurably More Tour
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Women of Joy – Immeasurably More Tour

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Join Kirk Cameron, Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Angela Thomas Pharr, Charles Billingsley and Natalie Grant for an incredible weekend designed, created and intended to bring women of all ages and cultures together to help you pursue a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We truly believe that in our society today women are so busy with life that we never slow down long enough to work on our relationship with Christ and with other women. At Women of Joy, we make these relationships our main priority.

We recognize that every woman has a unique set of needs and we try to help create conferences where you are most comfortable and where the presence of God is welcomed and resides.

Whether you are on a lifelong adventure of drawing closer to Christ or are just figuring things out, Women of Joy can be a part of your journey.

You will find an endless supply of encouragement and an atmosphere that refreshes your soul.

Together we will seek God, search for answers, rest from the daily grind, and find a connection with other believers.

Join thousands of women in 2017 as we dive deep into God’s word with amazing Bible teaching and inspiring worship.

It’s time to stop living defeated, and find there is more to your life than you ever imagined!