Bankers Life Fieldhouse Box Office: 317.917.2727
Technical Specifications


  • Height from floor to rigging beams: 122′-148′
  • Height from floor to bottom of speaker cluster approximately 70′
  • Height from floor to bottom of scoreboard in raised position: 100′
  • Scoreboard footprint 37′ x 37′
  • Stage Right staging (120-4′ x 8′ decks 48″ to 78″ high, 4-steps)
  • Information boards with color matrix at each end


  • Pre-wired camera locations
  • DSS Satellite downlink system
  • TV Studio:  Full editing and switching capabilities. Building pre-wired for up to 3 TV trucks with camera locations at  various locations in the facility. Signal out of the building by fiber and pre-wire to surface lot east of building for 1-2 uplink trucks. Return signal by DDS dish or local cable
  • Center hung scoreboard (37′ wide, 30′ high) with 4-LED video boards (9′ x 16′)


  • 10 Xenon spotlights
  • Dimming house lights with instant on game lights


  • Show power: 2600 amps
  • For end stage / 200 amps
  • On catwalk / 400 amps
  • Opposite stage / 225 amps on
  • Each side of floor


  • 120,000 lbs. max.
  • Rigging beams 135′ wide x 210′ long
  • Height ranges from 125′ to 150;

Sound System

  • EAW speakers
  • Crown amps
  • Crown IQ system
  • Yamaha console
  • Various processing equipment
  • Sony UHF wireless mics
  • Clear-Com intercom system

Floor Load

  • Indoor Dock Area: Can accomodate a limited number of crew buses
  • 2 manlifts (29′ platform height)
  • 3 forklifts
  • 4 docks with levelers
  • 1 drive in ramp

Television/ Video/ and Audio Production Studio

Bankers Life Fieldhouse features state-of-the-art video and audio production capabilities.

The studios in Bankers Life Fieldhouse consist of three edit facilities, two of which are designed to originate live multi-camera productions. The system features component digital production for wide-screen television and the conversion equipment to adapt productions to the more traditional screen size.

Services that are available include:

  • Live multi-camera productions featuring as many as ten (10) manned cameras and three remote-controlled cameras, up to twelve (12) recorders with slo-motion playback capabilities, state-of-the-art graphics and full audio compliment
  • On-line and off-line editing utilizing digital video tape machines and digital disk recorders. On-line non-linear editing in stand-alone edit suite
  • Full studio with lighting grid (30′ x 30′)

The studios can be used to produce television programming and in-arena display on the Bankers Life Fieldhouse 16′x9′ 4-screen Large Format Video System, which is on the center-hung scoreboard

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