So first things first. Yes, cats can blog. Oh, there are some scaredy cats out there who ask, “But how can cats blog if they can’t type?” To which I respond, If cats can make all those awesome YouTube videos, why can’t we blog? So skeptics, you can stop skepting and accept this evolution of cat-generated Internet content. No more are we relegated to cute videos. Now cats can blog!

But enough about that, let’s get to the real tuna.

The purpose of this blog is to tip off a huge undertaking. Over the course of the next 43 days, Bankers Life Fieldhouse will host 54 basketball games. Youth, high school, college and pro – both men’s and women’s. 70 different teams and over 800 players, not to mention the fans… all 400,000 of them will pass through these doors over the next six weeks. And I’ll be here for every action-packed moment. Yes, that’s right, I’m attending every event and I’ll blog about it right here. I’m calling it Boomer’s Staycation! Has a nice ring doesn’t it?

So what am I so excited about? Well, besides the fact that this is my first chance to blog, the thing I’m most excited about is, well… nachos. Er, I mean, basketball. Lots and lots of basketball!

Let me share what’s coming up. We’ve got the NCAA Women’s Final Four, Indiana Pacers games, the IHSAA State Championships, the Big Ten Men’s and Women’s Conference Tournaments, plus youth city championships. Talk about variety! Just about every level of play will be on display between now and April 6. You can’t find that just anywhere. Only here, in my house.  Only a special place in Indiana, where basketball is king, can you host such an event and that is Bankers Life Fieldhouse – the cat’s meow of basketball.

So stay tuned. Check in weekly for my blog recaps of these games and follow me on social media at #54Games43Days. Who knows, if my blog catches on, it may just become a permanent fixture for big blue cat mascot lovers around the world.

Until next week.

In hoops we trust,
Pacers Boomer's Paw
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