Week 1 Recap – February 24 to March 1

I can’t think of a more puuuuurrrrrfect way to start off my staycation than with my favorite team, the Indiana Pacers, defeating the New York Knicks. It was a claw-some first week of #54Games43Days. And, as you could imagine, it was a busy week here at BLF (that’s Bankers Life Fieldhouse for those of us in the know).

From high above the arena, I witnessed an amazing transformation a total of 5 times in 6 consecutive days. That included three Pacers games intermixed with a Billy Currington concert (#biggestfanever), IHSAA Girls State Finals and then a final transformation for the Big Ten Women’s Tournament. Needless to say, there was a lot going on and it was difficult to cat nap on the catwalk (why do they call it a catwalk?). The Pacers are on the road until March 7, so this week I’ll be looking forward to the Women’s Big Ten Championships, which will make for awesome basketball spectating and… yep, you guessed it… nachos.

So let’s run the numbers for the week:

12 Teams
4 Champions
7 Games Over 5 Days
1,024 Total Points
500+ Volunteers
64,372 Total Attendance

And, to top it off, Feb 29 was my birthday! I won’t share how old I am because it doesn’t really matter due to the whole nine-lives loophole and such, but it was an awesome day. First, all my buds from around the NBA and WNBA showed up to help me celebrate. No, not LeBron. Or Steph, or PG… those guys are busy, I know how it is… no, my real buds – mascots. Freddy Fever, Clutch the Bear and Hugo all showed up to help me celebrate  #bestfriends4life.  Thanks for making it a special night.

So yes, a lot of basketball! And nachos. Plus a concert! I must be the luckiest cat alive, if not the luckiest giant blue cat. The Big Ten Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments take over the Fieldhouse for the next two weeks with a Pacers home game in between.

I can’t wait for what the next 36 days of hoops delivers! If you want to join me, you can see all of the upcoming events and get tickets here.

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