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March 10, 2016


Week 2 Recap – March 2 to March 8

The action resumed on Wednesday with the tip off of the Big Ten Women’s Tournament. Northwestern and Wisconsin battled it out into our first overtime game of #54Games43Days so far.  The Wildcats took home the W (must be a cat thing) and what a great game! Of course, any team with a feline namesake has my attention. Just sayin’.


Thursday roared to life with four great games in the tourney. Perched high above the court on the catwalk, I watched every minute of the action. The only issue was getting nachos delivered to the catwalk. The first guy was afraid of heights, and wouldn’t bring them out, and if you think I’m gonna miss a second of basketball…you’re crazy. So I had my friend, Leo, one of the cotton candy guys bring out my nachos for me. He’s the best. So Thursday was crazy! First Michigan and Iowa at noon, then Northwestern (go Wildcats) and Minnesota, then Nebraska and Rutgers, capped off by Penn State (coached by former Indiana Fever star, Coquese Washington) defeating Purdue. Wow. Wow. Wow.

But wait…there’s more! Friday was just as crazy and another puuurrrrrfect day of basketball. There have been 26 different teams at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the past ten days.  Basketball continued through Sunday with the Big Ten Women’s Championship game of Maryland defeating Michigan State. From my seat on the catwalk, I watched the Bankers Life Fieldhouse team change the floor for the seventh time since March 23!

On Monday, I got some new gear at the Home Court Gift Shop before watching my favorite Pacers beat the Spurs.  I even signed some autographs for some of my fans at the game!

Here’s a look at #54Games43Days to date:
Total Games: 21
Total Days: 14
Total Points: 3,037
Total Attendance: 119,613

The Pacers have a few days off and then head out for another road trip this weekend. But while they get a short break, BLF will be hosting the Big Ten Men’s Tournament. I’m looking forward to welcoming 14 new teams to the Fieldhouse!


Purr-sonally, I’ve been having a blast. All the excitement. The fans. The basketball…it’s paw-some!

BOOMER Pacers Boomer's Paw