Week 4 Recap – March 16 to March 22

Life at BLF slowed down a little this week as the Pacers are nearing the end of a five-game home stand. There was only one dramatic switch-a-roo of the game floor in preparation for the Winter Jam Tour 2016. The music was great. So inspirational. I’m a fan for sure.

The Pacers played at home on Thursday and Saturday, straddling the concert, so it was difficult to catnap during the changeover, but I managed to get a lot of sleep on Sunday. The place was peaceful for once in a long time. It was almost strange not to have some sort of activity.

On my day off I got to check out what other awesome events we have coming to the Fieldhouse (you can too, here), catch up on my sleep and give myself a well-deserved tongue-bath. And contrary to popular belief, my tongue does not turn blue!


Monday saw the Pacers put the hurt on the 76ers. Monday also allowed total attendance to edge over 300,000 people over the last four weeks.  Think about that! BLF has a capacity of 18,165 for basketball events, so that means BLF was filled to capacity like a million times (I’m not so sure about my math, as it is difficult to count on paws).

Let’s take a look at the stats so far:
Total Games: 38
Total Days: 28
Total Points: 5,675
Total Attendance: 303,206

That is a lot of people! Pretty cool. I feel like only a town like Indianapolis and only a venue like Bankers Life Fieldhouse could manage such a feat. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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