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April 01, 2016


Week 5 Recap – March 23 to March 29

In comparison to the first four weeks of my staycation, week five was sort of quiet. Not that there wasn’t any action… there was plenty! It just wasn’t as frantic as some of the last few weeks.

Tuesday and Wednesday were really quiet with no games. Plenty of catnapping for me, which is great because I lost a lot of beauty sleep with all the excitement up until now. Being able to get several long naps in the sun was purrrrrrfect.

The Pacers took on the Pelicans last Thursday and my boys in blue and gold came away with a win. Then, Bankers Life Fieldhouse transformed for the IHSAA Boys Basketball State Championships, which was a full day of action-packed fun. New Albany ruled the day in the 4A class, pulling out a victory by only three points against McCutcheon. Marion, Lapel and Liberty Christian also won in their classes as well.


It’s great to see such enthusiasm for Indiana basketball, which is one of the reasons I moved here from Kathmandu. I loved basketball, even as a little blue kitten, but options were limited in my little mountain village.

Sunday night was another Pacers home game against the Houston Rockets and the Pacers proudly took home the win!  Tuesday night the Pacers played the Chicago Bulls.  Always hate to see my boys come up short, but they fought the good fight. The Bulls took us to task in a close game with only a two-point loss.

Let’s run the numbers so far for week five:

Total Games: 45
Total Days: 35
Total Points: 6,717
Total Attendance: Over 365,000 people have walked through the doors of BLF!

The Fieldhouse will be calm for only one day until the end of my #54Games43Days staycation, when the building is converted for the NCAA Women’s Final Four on Friday, April 1. We’re hosting ten basketball games PLUS a concert over the next nine days and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ll report back next week to fill you in.  In the meantime, up to the catwalk to watch more paw-some games!

BOOMER Pacers Boomer's Paw